Understanding the different types of houses in Nigeria

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As a first-time homebuyer, it is vital to be aware of the variety of houses available for you in Nigeria. If you have been to other parts of the country, you would have seen that their type of houses differs from Nigeria. The houses in Nigeria come in various types of design, shapes, and forms. However, as an expert in the Nigerian real estate industry, we will be undressing into minute detail the various houses types available in Nigeria.

Over the years, some house designs have faded out due to the fact that they are more contemporary designs. With the improvement in construction technology, real estate developers are now exposing us to new house types and designs in the course of providing homes for the masses.

Eight Various Types Of Houses In Nigeria

Let us undress the various type of houses available in Nigeria

  • Apartment: These are some of the most popular types of houses worldwide. As an investor, having multiple units of apartment guarantees rental income. They are sometimes referred to as flat. An apartment building referred to a combination of many homes stacked on top of one another. It can be in different forms such as 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom, depending on your family size. Also, the studio apartment is basically like the one-bedroom but both only the toilet separated by a wall, unlike the 1 bedroom apartment in which the kitchen, toilet are separated from the room by their walls. 
  • Maisonettes: Just like a block of apartment, maisonettes. They are known to cover more than one storey, and are often located over garages, or other maisonettes. They are sometimes referred to as duplex with each having its own staircase and entrance. They are also best for short let apartments if you are considering an investment.
  • Bungalows: These are one of the most commonest housing type in Nigeria.A bungalow is a one-storrey houses without. They are easier and less expensive to maintain.They come in two types; detached and semi-detached. Detached bungalows are a standalone bungalows that is not joined to any other house. Usually spacious and comes with a garden sometimes. Semi-detached bungalow is a type that is joined to the other by a common wall.
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  • Terraced house: This is a  single family home covering two to three floors sitting side by side with other terraces jioned together by a common wall. Terrace house can be 10 units of houses sitting side by side to each other. They are usually identical in height and structure. Mostly found in estates. They are sometimes  referred to as Townhouses. In Nigeria, terraces are developed for sale in places with limited amount of land that is you can have 3 units of 2-3 bedroom terraces on a 600 square metres of land. Another great advantage of having a terrace is because it gives you an opportunity to have neighbours nearby who can assist you where necessary.
terrace house
  • Detached duplex: As the name implies, it is a standalone house covering 2 to 3 floors. They are associated with rich and famous people.It is great for people that have a large family and values thier privacy. As a result of their large space, they are usually allowed for more material possession.
  • Semi-detached duplex: A single family home covering two-three floors that share a single wall with the next house. They have more space compared to townhouses.

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  • Mansions:These house types are meant for the top 1%. It is a big luxury home and covers up to an acre land space. This housing type are usually found in location where top personalities stays like celebrities, politicians, CEO. features such as big open foyers, grand staircase, massive gardens, swimming pool, cinemas, and high-end amenities are what describes a mansion.
mansions in nigeria
  • Penthouse: Penthouse apartment are usually found on the topmost floor of a multi storey building or a hotel. It is also a type of luxury apartment that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the city skyline.
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In conclusion

Having exposed you to the different types of houses we have in Nigeria. By this time you would have made your mind on the type you intend to go for depending on your budget. Whatever decision you make, we at Tranquility Realtors through our team of sales experts will be happy to help you make the right decision for your future.  

We have the right home for you! Be it a duplex, an apartment, a bungalow, a penthouse, whichever you choose, we will find a package that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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