apartments in Nigeria

Exposed !!! Why buying Apartments is a good investment in Nigeria

The recent real estate market trends show that apartments or flats in Nigeria are in high demand compared to other property types. Asides from the fact that they are in high demand, they are still money-making investments because the industry will continue to see heavy appreciation regardless of any fluctuation including economic recession, increasing interest rates e.t.c As an investor, having an...

off-plan property in Lagos

How To Be Financially Secured By Acquiring Off-plan Property In Lagos Nigeria

In the rapid rise of houses in the Nigerian real estate market, acquiring off-plan property in a place like Lagos gives real estate investors and homebuyers to buy below market value and then wait for the construction of their property to be completed. What is an off-plan property? Off-plan property is a property that is still in the construction or planning phase. Also, it is a property available...

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