What Is Real Estate Investment Banking?

Most financial analysts and experts have a very simple way of explaining what real estate investment banking truly is. They define it as a way or a process to connect capital seekers and capital providers. It’s an investment banker’s job to analyze the preferred equity, which is capital stock, as well as the JW equity and assess whether or not there are any capital sources as far as a possibility of investing goes, perform risk management, and categorize the types of assets. Years ago, before development came to Ibeju-Lekki axis of Lagos State,  my friend  bought ACRES of land from one of the indigenous families in the locality. According to him, he wasn’t quite sure he was making the right decision when he purchased the land because he diverted all the proceeds of a business on the investment. His initial intention for purchasing such vast size of land was to use it for Agricultural produce but circumstances did not allow him achieve that purpose, so he left the land not sure of what may happen afterwards. But for the fear of trespassers and the dreadful land grabbers sighting the land on a choice location, he took immediate possession by planting some crops as well as constructing a perimeter fence on the land.

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