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Multi-Billion Dollar Projects

No other investment can give the level of immunity to all this uncertainty and appreciable returns like the real estate sector. Lagos, especially strategic areas such as the Lekki-Epe Corridor, guarantees no less than 500% value appreciation on real estate within a five-year time frame; and this of course depends on specifics such as area, type of investment, etc. In Ibeju-Lekki, for instance, a property I acquired for a client in May 2019 has already appreciated by 150% due to the impact of the Lekki Free Zone. The LFZ is meant to reduce trade barriers between Nigeria and other developed countries whereby expertriates of different countries like China, UK,US,Dubai e.t.c would be coming to work here.
Therefore, there will be a rise demand for residential properties in this area.

Recent Economic Recession

As COVID-19 ravages the world and a global recession has been announced by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Nigerian economy is expected to be severely affected, especially as the price of crude oil is expected to drop below $15 per barrel. Investors in the LFZ, according to economists, are therefore going to benefit from the fact that transactions within the zone, as applicable to free trade zones, are made in the international currency of trade – USD. On March 30, in a move that stakeholders say points to the economic potentials of the zone, the Lekki Port LFTZ Enterprise Limited received $221 million in equity funding from China Harbour Engineering Company, one of the shareholders of the seaport project. This fund injection coming during a time that the world, and particularly China, battles the pandemic, reaffirms the fact that daring investors will not allow COVID-19 stop them. For people sitting at home and restless but unwilling to allow this crisis period be a wasted one, investing in real estate either within or around the Lekki Free Zone is the perfect place to put your money and grow it. Of course, things have slowed down all round, but we are noticing a growing level of enquiries as the smart ones realise this is perhaps the only sector that offers some form of immunity to the coronavirus (pandemic).

Buy Low, Sell High

Investment analysis of the Nigerian Real Estate Market in Lekki phase 1 shows that as at 2001, a plot of land (600sqm) sells for 7 million naira to 10 million naira. But today 2020 prices rise to 150 million naira. Imagine if you have purchased a plot of land in Lekki Phase 1 in 2001. Amidst this economic recession, prices of properties will drop in price due to the global recession in upcoming areas of Ibeju Lekki as potential buyers can’t visit the properties, the whole process of buying a property is really hard to be completed. People are prioritizing other things like their safety and well-being in those uncertain times. Also, despite the fact that laagos is a coastal city and as such there would be issues with floods (its the same scene in the coastal cities in the world), yet the value of real estate still climbing s much faster rate than any other part in the state.

Investment Prospect

Ibeju Lekki have more investment prospect than Lekki Phase One because Ibeju Lekki has great proposed International Airport that will skyrocket every investment within this region. Lekki phase one has got popularity from Victoria Island with quite number of commercial centers. This is why, you dont just want to invest for residential purpose alone.
Do you know that Ibeju Lekki will lack investment in the hospitality industry tommorow? This is one of the major reason why you have to forget about the distance but what you intend to achieve tommorow.

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When I met you people, I was so skeptical,thinking if its all this 419 people.But I took my time to do proper research on you, only to find out it was legit. Thank you very much that i made the right decision.
Mrs Williams
I thank God that I bought a property in Ibeju Lekki.last year my property has really appreciated in value. I used to think all ibeju Lekki is water logged but I was surprised when i got there for physical inspection. I thank God i made the right decision for investing.
Moshood Wasiu
Thank you,Taofeek. I thought you are Omoniles but your services surprised me. You guided me through all it takes to buy land in Lagos and I salute you for your service. I was skeptical at first. I thank God i bought just two plots, i will like to invest more for banking.Thank you for your effort
Mr Micheal


What is the title of Yorkville Scheme 2?

Yorkville Scheme 2 Estate has an Excision as title with file number;KL 7440, which means its free from government acquistion.

When i make an initial deposit, what do i get?

You will get a contract of sale which shows that transaction has taken place between you and the company

Do i have to pay before i inspect ?

Of Course not, no one ever does that. You have to come for free physical inspection first before you decide.

is the property waterlogged ?

No, Yorkville Estate is not waterlogged. This is why you need to inspect it physically.


Yorkville is located in Imedu Ibeju Lekki.

Will I get my plot s soon as I pay?

yes, but you will have to pay your statutory fee; deed of assignment,developmental and survey.

Can i bring my lawyer along?

Yes of course.Infact, we recommend that if you need to.

Does yorkville have flexible payment plans?

Yes, 6 months flexible payment plans is available.

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